Notes from: 第26回 FreeBSD勉強会 | FreeBSD Benkyokai

Thank you to everyone who attended, I really appreciated this warm reception in Tokyo! Everyone was exremely patient to listen to me present in english. Also, a special thanks to Daichi GOTO, for organizing the event!

Post-presentation drinks and yakitori!

Here are references, including presentation materials:

Additional links regarding Open Networking Hardware

Intel "Wish-ware" spec, from the OpenCompute (facebook) project:
(cached version)

URL dump of related press/pr articles, some fluffier than others, but all on the right track IMHO...

And even broader, the new buzzword, "Software Defined Networking", (SDN):

Just sounds a lot like a UNIX box with lots of nics. Hrm, if Wikipedia says "Software Defined Networking" is real, it must be, right? :)

But whatever, if this SDN vocabulary is what it takes to drag networking out of the dark ages, I'm all for it :)